A Public Benefit Corporation

Sep 16, 2020

Adolpha Cole

EquiFi is a for profit corporation with a PBC (Public Benefit Corporation) designation. What does that mean exactly? Public Benefit Corporations are companies that are purpose-driven. Yes, we’re in business to make money but we care about how we make it. Our primary goals as a PBC are:
A) Show consumers how to reduce the amount of debt used to finance their home
B) Help them create/manage their wealth.
As you can see, being a PBC, from our point of view is a responsibility and a promise; we are committed to do well while doing good.

Areas in America with high home price appreciation and strong economic growth are the areas that appeal the most to investors, for sure. We are also aware that there are parts of the country that have low home price appreciation and weak economic growth. Consequently, this is less desirable to investors. We want to do something about it. In our mind, revitalizing under-served communities is best accomplished through focused investments that foster growth and invite young generations to stay and create prosperity. So, EquiFi allocates a portion of its available funds to sustainable developmental projects in moderate to low income areas.

Collective economic improvement can positively affect society on many different levels; a more developed community will give life to new talent, new ideas and a sense of belonging.
We see homeownership as a way to reach your financial objectives and indirectly create growth and development for others. EquiFi is not asking you to care but we’d like for you to be aware. After all, awareness is the first step towards making a choice that will make the most sense to you and will hopefully meet your values and beliefs.