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Get Rid Of Your Mortgage

  • Live debt-free
    • No monthly payment
    • No current or accrued interest
    • Your home remains yours

Pay Off Your Mortgage

If you’re retired and living on a fixed income, you’re probably watching every monthly payment you make, especially if you still have a mortgage. Are you asking yourself if there may be ways to reduce expenses. At EquiFi, we think that you may already own the solution – your home. You’ve earned every penny of your home’s equity. Maybe it’s time that your home starts paying you back?

With EquiFi’s equity co-investment, we may be able to help you eliminate your mortgage and get rid of that monthly payment forever. You may even be able to get additional equity from your home to supplement your income.

How our Fair Share Equity works:

  1. Stop the madness – Home equity loans have monthly payments; reverse mortgages have accrued and compounded interest. EquiFi has none of that.
  2. You share a portion of your future equity when your home is sold or you choose to end the agreement.
  3. Tax advantaged, tax efficient – No tax on the EquiFi co-investment*.
  4. No current interest, no accrued interest – No monthly payment!!!
  5. Our EquiFi Funding Instrument is equity, not debt.

*Consult your Tax Advisor for more information.