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Retire in Place

Convert equity to income

  • Leave your legacy
  • Protect home equity
  • Provide critical care

Retire in Place

Your home equity is an asset that you don’t ever want to lose. That equity can be the key to retiring in place and extending the time that you’d like to live in your home. Some of your equity may be used to make your home perfect for retiring in place. You can also use your equity to insure future income for your life.

Some uses for home equity when you retire in place:

  1. Retire your mortgage payment as well. Use equity in your home to make one last mortgage payment – the pay off!
  2. Secure your legacy for generations to come.
  3. Thinking about the need for long term care coverage? Your home equity can help to cover that cost.
  4. Insured income solutions can provide a guaranteed income that promise to pay back the equity that you take from your home, plus interest.