Own Your Home, Not the Other Way Around


Let our equity investment liberate you from housing debt

Own Your Ideal Home, Live Your Ideal Life

EquiFi is a Public Benefit Corporation dedicated to making home financing simple, fair, and easy to understand.  We are not a lender or an investor. We are a connector in the home financing ecosystem. The Equity Funding Instrument (EFI™) is an alternative to debt financing allowing you to access home equity or

benefit from a co-investment in the purchase of your ideal home.



Home Purchase


Buying or refinancing a home with the EFI™ is easy and practical. Our equity infusion lowers your overall debt and allows you to save money.

Equity Access


Your home may be your greatest asset. With an EFI™ you can better manage your home equity to generate income, create diversification, or fund a saving goal.

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