Finding a Co-pilot for Your Homeownership

Join forces with EquiFi

  • Have a bigger down payment
  • Avoid Private Mortgage Insurance
  • Benefit from lower monthly payment

Down Payment For Your Ideal Home

The down payment is at the top of most people’s mind when they think about buying a home. Whether you’ve been eyeing that house around the corner from your favorite coffee shop or realized that you are just over renting, EquiFi can be your partner for your next step. We co-invest with you by boosting your down payment up to three times the amount that you are able to provide. A bigger down payment brings so many benefits to your home financing strategy! It means paying a lower monthly mortgage and potentially avoiding pricey mortgage insurance. It also allows you to save more for your own needs and financial goals.

Homeownership Make it happen with EquiFi!

With EquiFi’s co-investment, we’re here to make your home financing goals manageable and right for you. When you collaborate with EquiFi, you get a partner that cares about your goals as much as you do.

How our Fair Share Equity works:

  1. You own and maintain your home. We’re the silent partner.
  2. You share a portion of your future equity when your home is sold, or you can choose to buy us out.
  3. Tax advantaged, tax efficient—No tax on the EquiFi co-investment*
  4. No current or accrued interest on an EFI—No monthly payment on the co-investment! Yup. No monthly payment on the co-investment!
  5. Our EquiFi Funding Instrument is equity, not debt.

*Consult your tax, legal and accounting advisors before engaging in any transaction.