EquiFi is a Partner Driven Ecosystem

We are on a journey together with our partners to unlock the benefits of homeownership equally for all, be it those looking to start their wealth creation journey or those looking to access home equity without borrowing. EquiFi offers a comprehensive way for the ecosystem to work together.
Whether you are a mortgage broker, an investor, a financial advisor, or an employer there is an important role for you to play. Join EquiFi in our mission to make home financing a rewarding and meaningful journey for all those involved.

Change happens one home at a time. Help make a difference with EquiFi!


Mortgage Brokers

Broaden your market reach by bringing our EquiFi co-investment to your customers and help them make their dreams a reality. Reach out to our affiliate helpdesk to offer the EquiFi EFI to your clients in their home financing needs.


Financial Advisors

EquiFi can you help integrate your client’s home into the financial planning process. Your clients may not be thinking of their home as an asset. With EquiFi you can help them make the best of their home equity and optimize it for financial planning, retirement income planning and more. Reach out to our financial advisor helpdesk to bring holistic wealth planning to your clients.



Homes are the gateway to a $32 trillion asset class made up of homes, over 125 million of them. A collective need unites a consumer and an investor under one roof.
Work with us to participate and make a difference!


ESG Investors

EquiFi is serious about social responsibility which is inter-generational, presenting opportunities from GenZ to Baby Boomers. EquiFi solutions can ensure that every cohort of homeowners has access to equity, according to their needs.
Reach out to our ESG desk to better understand the ESG investment opportunities with EquiFi. Help us bring this wealth building tool to all communities by partnering with us.
If you would like to support homeowners impacted by the pandemic and related current economic challenges they face, join hands with EquiFi Home Equity Relief Program.



EquiFi works with corporations to help employees live closer to work creating a lower carbon footprint, less fatigue and more family time. Ask us about Corporate Home Achiever Program to bring life-altering benefit to your teams!

Because There's No Place Like Home™