Home Purchase EFI™

An equity investment from EquiFi is used to increase your home’s initial down payment and therefore decrease monthly mortgage payments by eliminating costly PMI and increase disposable income and savings.

  EFI™ home purchase co-investment helps:


  • Reduce debt with our equity advance

  • Eliminate costly mortgage insurance (~1/2% of loan amount)

  • Enjoy a lower monthly payment

  • Allow yourself to consider investing a portion of the savings

  • Diversify your wealth beyond your home


   Great for 1st time Millennial home buyers

Equity Access EFI™

A liquid investment from EquiFi infuses equity and allows you to supplement your income or diversify the allocation of your personal net worth.

EFI™ equity access co-investment helps:


  • Access your home equity without borrowing

  • Avoid current or accrued interests

  • Supplement your retirement income and put off social security payments

  • Diversify your wealth by shifting home equity into other asset classes

  • Share the the risk of home prices falling with an investor


​  No stated age limit, doesn’t require the payoff of your current mortgage

                      ~ Programs Available Soon ~

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