Choose Wisely, Choose Responsibly

February 28, 2018

Choosing is generally perceived as a beneficial and freeing process. Being able to make choices is indeed a great advantage, and consumers today have a vast array of products, services, and tools to pick from.  But at times, making decisions can be a bit overwhelming. That’s why, for instance, when we search for places to dine out in a part of town we are not familiar, we try and filter through reviews possibly, or we reach out for advice, or we set whatever parameter we believe it’s going to lead us to a good place. We have so many choices that we want to make an educated one, and in order to do so, we need directions or suggestions.


When it comes to financial choices, we of course want them to align with our prosperity goals. It sounds good in theory. Doesn’t it? Well – how many times have you made a financial choice which did not make you richer by a penny, or has actually lost you money? Don’t worry, we all have; welcome to the life of the everyday consumer. We are making financial choices, consciously or not (a whole of another topic for a later discussion), on a daily basis. Some yield good results, others don’t. The opinions of those around us can help, of course. An educated and informed person – who has your best interest at heart – will be happy to guide you, consult with you, or simply listen to your thoughts, as you unfold your decision-making process. It could be a professional, a family member, or a long-time friend. But in reality, choices are very personal at their core. In the end, you decide what’s best for you!


Trusting someone with our money is a big decision we have to make. And your home is a treasured asset that you have nurtured for years and years. Because of the importance of understanding how your home equity works for you, we want you to become highly educated on equity sharing and what role it can play in your financial planning. At EquiFi, we have a team that has over 50 years of industry knowledge to share.   You will find that our contract language is easy to read and understand. We define the terms of your equity sharing agreement and you will be able and encouraged to run multiple scenarios in an interactive fashion, with real time results. If you live in a home that is so financially important to you, we believe you should know its value at all times, take good care of it and maximize the opportunities your asset has to offer.


Financial wealth is a road, paved with many choices and often, there is no right or wrong decision. But, there are choices that makes sense to you, or simply don’t. So, feel free and be free, educate yourself, and keep your eyes on the goal you have set for you and your family. If our equity share co-investment can help you get there, we’d be honored to work with you! Stay tuned for next week’s discussion. As we get closer to our market launch, we’ll share more information. Thanks for reading! Always a pleasure to have you visit us.

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Laura is a member of the EquiFi leadership team.



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