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March 27, 2018

Last month, we published a post on how making financial choices can be challenging and at times intimidating. With so much at stake when purchasing or accessing equity in the home, consumers are going to be experiencing some level of stress and maybe even doubt. That’s part of the homeowner’s journey! The good news – if you decide to work with EquiFi – is that you will meet a team of people who care for the outcome, as much as they care about the process. How can we make your experience meaningful while on the way to your home financing success? We have asked ourselves this question; so, we looked around and were surprised that not many other companies offering similar financing solutions, seemed to have put much emphasis on this aspect.


We speak to our customers in simple terms and in plain English. When the topic gets complicated, we break it down for you piece by piece. We provide you with educational materials that will actually make sense and will really teach you something. We give you dynamic calculators to view different scenarios according to home price fluctuation. We encourage you to understand all the options that are available to you. We take your questions seriously and we address them with our most educated answer. We serve your interest as we would serve our own, because you are the center of our ecosystem and the very reason why the ecosystem exists in the first place.


Our approach to equity sharing might seem like an easy enough concept. Right? You get an equity advance as down payment source to purchase a home, or as liquidity to access existing equity; you stay in the home for as long as you want while making no payments to us until finally, at the time of sale (or when you decide to prepay, or when you pass away in many, many years from now) you or your heirs will pay back the initial amount plus an predetermined percentage of the home value at the time of the event. Yes, it is fairly easy but there are many factors and scenarios that you will need to consider. Pricing is one of them; your home market appreciating or depreciating is another; your willingness to trade a part of your home sale proceedings with an investor, when the time comes, etc.


Obviously, there is much to think about and discuss. We’ll provide web-based tools and informational packages to all those interested. Our product is currently available on a limited basis. As we continue to get closer to our launch date, we’ll make an official announcement, through which we will also let you know who our distributors are! Thank you for your patience and support. Speak to you soon and see you here, next week!

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Laura is a member of the EquiFi leadership team.



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