With You Every Step of the Way

Whether you are a homebuyer looking to buy a place to call your own or a homeowner wanting to access some equity built under your roof, EquiFi can help you get there. Think of us as a silent partner who is willing to provide you with some liquidity for your financing needs in exchange for a portion of your home’s future value.

What is an EFI™?

Glad you asked! The EquiFi Funding Instrument “EFI” is a new type of home financing centered around sharing equity to fund buying a home or accessing existing equity in the home. Instead of making monthly payments on funding provided, you share a portion of the future value of your home with an investor. It’s not a home equity loan, not a mortgage. Read on…


It’s a co-investment

As you receive the liquidity you need from your co-investment partner, you enter into an agreement that aligns both your interests and those of the co-investor–a partner who believes that your home will appreciate over time.


It’s not a loan

With loans, you borrow money from a lender who receives interest in return for lending you the money to purchase or improve your home. With the EFI, there’s no lender, only an investor. The co-investment partner is entitled to a portion of the value of your home when you sell the home, decide to prepay, or pass away.


There’s no monthly payment

The EFI has no monthly interest payments and no pre-established duration. Instead of having interest payment, the EFI cost to the consumer is based on the home’s future value.


Got it? See the videos below for examples of how EFI works

We get it. The EFI is fascinating! So, for additional questions, check out our FAQs or Contact Us.

Why Should I Get an EFI™?

Reasons to consider an EFI:

If you are a homebuyer and:

  • You feel you could buy your ideal home, but would prefer to limit your debt. With the EFI, you can turn dreams into a reality by consciously co-investing in your home to meet all of your financial obligations.
  • You can’t afford to buy a home because even though you have the down payment, you wouldn’t be able to manage the monthly payments. With the EFI, an investor matches your down payment thereby reducing the amount that you need to finance and lowering your monthly payments.
  • You don’t have all of your 20% down payment.
    With the EFI, an investor brings up to three times your down payment to save you from expensive mortgage insurance. The bonus: That also lowers your mortgage payment.
Home Purchase EFI

If you are a homeowner:

An EFI allows you to reduce or eliminate your monthly mortgage payments and better manage the equity you have in your home.

  • Paying off your mortgage – Use equity to retire some or all of your mortgage loan.
  • Reduce your offspring’s student loan balance.
  • Pay off your 2nd mortgage or home equity line – That interest may now be taxable.
  • Saving for the future – Diversify your investments by converting some of your equity to other investments.
  • Securing your retirement – Convert home equity into lifetime income for retirement.
Equity Access EFI

How do I get an EFI?

If you are a Homebuyer, ask your Bank or Mortgage Broker to supplement your down payment with a Home Purchase EFI. If you don’t have a Bank or Mortgage Broker, contact us. We can help you find one.
If you are a Homeowner, contact us or your financial advisor to get your personalized equity sharing model for Equity Access EFI.

The process of getting an EFI involves:

  1. Discovery – Explore our EFI FAQs and calculators throughout this site to understand how EFI works. Contact our experts to go over all your questions.
  2. Apply – When you feel comfy about how EFI works and are ready to proceed, complete an EFI Application Form.
  3. Preliminary Offer – If eligible, we will make a preliminary conditional offer.
  4. Underwriting – Your offer will be finalized after property appraisal and underwriting.
  5. Transaction Closing – An escrow will be setup for closing the transaction. A few days before closing, we will contact you with a transaction documents package. At closing, you will go over the details of the agreement and sign your documents. After verification, we will fund the escrow and escrow will send the proceeds to you or the agreed third party (e.g. to your current mortgage lender, if you are using EFI proceeds to pay off mortgage).