About Us

EquiFi™ was formed in 2016 as a Public Benefit Corporation (PBC). We are dedicated to helping people build and manage wealth through one of the most important assets — their home. Financing a home should not only be limited to debt. By reducing the use of debt through an infusion of equity, we strive to make homes available to everyone. Unlike a loan, the EquiFi Funding Instrument (EFI™) aligns the homeowner or home buyer’s interests with an investor that believes in the value of real estate and the importance of homeownership. EquiFi’s mission is to help home buyers attain homeownership on the right financing terms and help homeowners access their home equity without taking on a monthly payment, interest rate, or fixed maturity. The EFI™ is an alternative to debt financing which allows buyers and owners to own their home – and live life – on their terms!

Our mission is to improve people’s lives,
starting with their home

EquiFi believes in supporting wealth creation for all. According to the US Census Bureau, the average Baby Boomer has 75% of their net worth tied up in their home. We are committed to changing the narrative and helping all people build and manage wealth regardless of age, race or identity.

Because There's No Place Like Home™