About Us

EquiFi™ was formed in 2016 as a Public Benefit Corporation (PBC) dedicated to creating a path for all people to create and manage wealth through an important asset that we should have access to—a home. Financing of the home should not be limited to debt. By reducing debt through an infusion of equity, we can make homes available to everyone. In the process, we strive to make the experience less complicated and educational. EquiFi’s mission is the just cause of bringing wealth to all Americans. This includes the consumer who needs our product to help create and manage wealth and the investor that chooses to invest in homes as an asset class. Neither sacrifice at the expense of the other. We are not a lender or an investor but, rather a connector in the home financing ecosystem. Our EquiFi Funding Instrument (EFI™) is an alternative to debt financing. This allows you to access home equity or benefit from a co-investment in the purchase of your ideal home.

Our mission is to improve the life of people,
starting with their home

EquiFi believes in supporting wealth creation for all. According to the US Census Bureau, the average Baby Boomer American has 75% of their net worth tied up in the value of their home. We are committed to changing the narrative so wealth building and access to building wealth is equally available to all people regardless of age, race or identity.

Because There's No Place Like Home™